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Since I was just begin my semester 3,
I decided to date my girls to have a shopping day.
I know that ghar yean was just finished her final exam too,
and Joey just came back from Malacca. (Until that day I only know that she began her study life at Malacca)
they kept scolding me outdated, hello~~~~
you all didn't update your news for me at all.  *sobbing*
and she was getting back to Malacca on Monday, 
sad news again she need to stay at there until new year eve because her uni was no break during that time, wtf
she can't celebrate Christmas with us.

we decided to go sungai wang, because there selling a lot of cheap stuff.
I'm facing financial problem. hmmm

we reached there at almost 3pm, due to the unreasonable traffic jam.
 ghar yean and Joey haven eat their lunch, so we decided to had our lunch @sushi zanmai at fahrenheit 88.


me with my tempura udon.
I ate a plate of chicken rice before I went out with them at 11am++, 
but they force me to eat again T__T 
I was become fatter and fatter, my god!!!

pretty joey with her unagi ;)

cutie ghar yean :)

actually was I force them to take picture, *evil laugh*
I don't know why they always hate to take picture, it can become a part f our memories right? (Y)



seriously, I'm dieting.
I keep controlling myself in this month.
food is an evil :O
it makes me look fat!
but they are so delicious.  :(

after that was our shopping time,
bought a lot of dresses all with the price of RM25 only.
damn cheap OMG,
but got 2 pcs of dress not that nice, after I tried it at home *regretting*

I found that they are shopaholic -.-
keep convince me buy this buy that, wtf
my wallet :'(

we went to H&M to look for nice shirt again,
but I can't found shirt that I like >.<

we park at fahrenheit 88, due to the heavy rain we wait the rain stop in lot 10.
half an hour was wasted.

ghar yean wanna went pasar malam -.-
so after the rain stop, we straight away heading to leisure mall to ate our dinner 1st and walk awhile at pasar malam.

2012-12-07 20.44.44
my dinner


2012-12-07 20.41.11

a tired and happy day with the BFF

ps: boyfriend gonna work at genting for one year. *sobbing*

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