birthday girl (ghar yean)

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this picture was not taken on that day, loll

I found that many of my friends is December babies.
hmm, one is yingying, ghar yean and others. LOLL
so, since Joey was not able to come back Kuala Lumpur during ghar yean's actual birthday,
we decided to had a simple celebration for her.

ok, last minute plan again.
I actually saw Joey's whatsapp call me came to the Korean restaurant asap when I just woke up, WTF
it was so rushed, can't even make up nicely, LOLL
didn't manage to take photo at the restaurant,
regretted. hmmm
but that is always our favorite korean restaurant DAORAE at Sri Petaling.
I found that weng hong doesn't like korean food, ok, I outdated again zzz

we no decide to blow candle at there because we are too paiseh,
so we get back to ghar yean's house and blow candle,
but when we heading her house was raining cats and dogs,
we straight away blame ourselves why we don't blow it in restaurant,
cause we get wet when we went in ghar yean's house -.-

happy birthday to you~~
happy birthday to you~~




found that she had a lot of facial expression, Loll

zoom in of the birthday cake

proud of myself because we still can buy a birthday cake in this short period of time, haha

we are happy family ❤
sry for the cacat Y, loll

this perasan girl, ask me to take this picture for her,
don't know who was the birthday girl -.-
can't let her take this kind of picture only,
so onebyone xD

the birthday girl ;)

weng hong

and end with my small eye pic.

it was too rush so we didn't have the time to buy present,
we owe you a present ok??

that's all, tata

ps: hate SEJARAH, fuxkkkkkkkk

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