Han Kook Chon @Bandar Damai Perdana?

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Just came back from Malaysian Studies's exam.
didn't gv any high expectation, just hope it can pass.
Tried something new on Tuesday with my mum,
actually not quite new, Korean food also.
haha, but we decided to try it since it was so near from my new house. LOL


the restaurant named Han Kook Chon, why my title put a question mark because I don't know the location was consider as Bandar Damai Perdana anot, Loll
love the environment, totally korean feel.

we thought we was ordered not that much, 
we don't know the component of egg roll was that much, can't finish the egg roll -.-


refillable side dishes, best thing for me, because sometime I was not feeling full after finished all the others thing. Loll


we ordered chicken and pork, no idea what is the name,
different sauce compare with Daorae.
but still it taste great!


they serve nice kimchi soup too!
but I don't like the toufu inside the kimchi soup, it was not the smooth type of toufu.
ok, I know I very 'yimjim' , haha


mother's favorite, Kimchi.
one of my favorite side dish too.


another of my favorite,
it taste a bit like pa-jeon, but i had no idea what this call. hmmm


the big component of egg roll -.-


youngest mum ever, LOLLL


my face was a bit stupid so I put a stamp on it -.-

 that's all for today.
wish me a luck for my Malaysia Studies result!

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