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how was your day?
Mine was quite bored,
same class same schedule even the same food.
I had no idea what should I cook for my brother and myself ady.

got a lot of jobs in this month,
I know right, 2013 will be a good year for me!
I need more $$.


the only bad thing that I found was, I can't stop myself on spending money. wtf
I feeling to buy samsumg galaxy tab 2 10.1
I love the multiscreen function and it had a pen.
It is so convenience for me to take notes during my lecturer classes.
I no need to print out all the notes when I attend a class.
sometimes I will forget to print out and made me failed to take down notes.

so sad,
I haven survey the price yet.
but sure it won't be cheap as I thought. Lolll
my dad owned an ipad but I didn't felt that have any use except play game. wtf

I don't even know what is the reason of buying an ipad.
Although he bought it quite long ago.

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