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Wishing to solve my awful hair color long time ago.
Finally I have time to book an appointment with Number76 Style.
 Saw many good comment and result from others famous blogger,
and I decided to choose this saloon.
Actually I hvn decide what color should I dye yet,
I had tried a lot of dark color,
wishing to dye a little bit bright.
But still not confirm yet.
btw, hope I will have a nice and new hair color for coming CNY !

look at my awful hair!
sorry for the weird pose, loll


ok, the next I wanna say is recently I found that many of my friends was so in love with my watch x)
WanYee's boyfriend also bought for her as her birthday present.
Aren't my watch pretty?? haha
I have so many target in this year,
thinking which should I get 1st,
wanted to get myself and the boyfriend a pair of couple watch, Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 for college use,
Flip Flop sandal! It look so comfortable but the price is sooooooo ...
Don't know which I can get 1st.

I need more $$$$$
ok, that's all for today.
wait for my new hair color post !

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