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Number76 Style

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so here is a outfit pic before I dye my hair.
Finally solved my hair at Number76 Style @Mid valley City,
New hair is done by Yoshi,
actually I wish to try some brighter color,
but he told me my hair was too damage ady T_T
those color that I choose all need to bleach! no >.<
so I listen his suggestion, pick a safe color for my hair.
how to describe my new hair color?
Orangish brown? hmmm
forgot to ask him what is the color name. Lolll

after I dyed my hair, hardly to see the different in picture.
who ask me didn't maintain healthy hair T_T

actually I need to give a big thanks to WanYee who accompanied me ;)
after that we went FengLye @The Garden to solve out stomach.
I was the last call of Number76Style , Lolll
because I booked 5.30pm -.-
Cny is just around the corner, if I don't dye it now all the price will keep increasing wtf.

our food ❤




never forget to selca xD

my hair color almost same with her one, loll

can't spot any different T__T

she gonna change her hair color soon! haha

lastly an outfit pic after I dyed my hair

blazer from mirrocle // singlet dress from esprit // necklace from A Fashion Story

love all the accessories that I bought from A Fashion Story

that's all,
sry for the late update, I'm working on every weekend,
will try my best to update more,
have a nice day! bye!

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