The Boy's Birthday Dinner 170113

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I didn't spent a special day with him.
just a normal 'candle dinner' at Victoria Station, Lolll
because I need to work on the day after his birthday :(
so sad, but still many of his friends celebrated with him.
comfort myself.
what a failed girlfriend.

Actually my 1st plan was celebrate with him at Thirty8,
but I didn't book the earlier and when I called and asked there was fully booked.
Thn I still remember Victoria Station so I decided to change the place at here.

wore my new earring
gift shape ❤

We choose the Victoria Station that located at Jalan Ampang.
damn near from my house.
we go from my house at around 6pm, not jam at all.
thank god. xD


nice environment ❤
so in love with their interior design.

the main character of a day.
choosing food, he was on dieting. wtf
I said today you must choose a food that you like, don't care about those calories -.-

does he look slimmer than last time?

the tired me.
we straight away came here after I finished my school.
I look damn tired in this photo.
but still I'm so happy can give him a simple celebration.

Finally is our dishes turn!

creamy mushroom soup

my salmon and chicken

his lamb chop

Lastly, I decided to order a chocolate cake as his birthday cake.
I was no time to prepare a surprise for him :(
sang a half birthday song for him.

After finished our food, 
we still chit-chatting at there for awhile.
wanna skip traffic jam.
talk about his working life and my college life.
just that simple :)
I can't meet him as I like due to his working location.
but still I felt lucky to be with him on his special day :*

here are some camwhore pic

small eyes again

ask him to act pattern a bit.

my ootd:
dress from kuchai boutique// clutch from pedro // shoe from farenheit 88

that's all and happy birthday my love xoxo

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