1st pair of Fitflop

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Hello there,
Finally I bought a pair fitflop for myself.
I'm a happy kid ^__^

Grab WanYee went to pavilion just because I saw the promotion on their Facebook Page.


Feeling that they will sell it in very low promotion price,
that's why I purposely went there just to buy it. haha
Actually I felt that fitflop is comfortable thn birkenstock, so I decided to buy it. hmmm
before that I was wishing to own a pair of birkenstock, *flower heart*

ok, lets show you some pic of pavilion's CNY decoration.

hmm, nth special.
red + orange

thn we found out that was 12 zodiac outside the door of pavilion.
so my zodiac is dog, and her one is chicken.
we are same age, but due to her birthday on Lunar calendar was on 1993.
hmmm, traditional.
she keep telling me her zodiac is chicken -.-

ok, your chicken

I hate the sunlight -.-
I know i'm so ugly in this pic.
but still wanna to share out, haha

or should I call rooster ?
-.- don't know the actual name, urghh

I'm a lucky girl on this year?
pls be good to me 2013!

selca again

Lastly end with my super casual ootd.
I'm a lazy bum.

ntg special except the sandal x)

I know fitflop was not everyone's cup of tea.
but I still feel it worth the price.
I was so damn happy because I bought on RM199 only!
I think the original price should be RM269 or RM330++ ?
whatever, because I ady bought it!

hello, welcome home.

that's all!
and remind you all today is the last day of the promotion.
if you are a fitflop lover don't forget to grab it during the promotion time *smart consumer*


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