Chinese New Year

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As you see,
I was not able to take nicely picture because stupid me forgot to bring my camera's memory card to my hometown.
My phone's picture wasn't as nice as my camera.
Fuxkkkk :(

so my reunion dinner until chor 2 just take a few of my outfit pic only.
that's all  :(  I'm a failed blogger T__T

2013-02-09 10.15.48
delicious breakfast on reunion day.
didn't take dinner's picture -.-
unsatisfied with the pic's quality.

2013-02-09 21.28.47

2013-02-09 21.29.11
did a simple nail art for CNY , purplish 
大红大紫 , loll

2013-02-09 21.30.32
my hair stylish cousin,
love her hair, so redish and colorful !
no camera so no details pic :(

2013-02-09 19.40.11

2013-02-09 22.49.36
reunion day's outfit 
top from online shop // bottom from topshop

2013-02-10 11.28.21
chor 1 outfit
top from online shop // bottom from kuchai lama

2013-02-10 14.12.34
cousin help me to set this awesome hair
love it so much

2013-02-10 12.47.52         2013-02-10 12.47.56

take angpao 

2013-02-11 13.52.57
chor 2 outfit
outer from forever 21 // singlet dress from esprit //belt from kuchai lama // shoe from summit

that's all for my CNY 1st 3 days.
I know is a bit cincai,
but who call me to forget bring my memory card??? :((
I think you all also not free to read this post.
so ya, just update a bit in case you forget my blog T___T


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