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recently I become a boring girl.
everyday keep rushing assignment, assignment and assignment.
nth can write in my blog T_T

but yesterday I attended a dinner with my mum.
 but it was not a very good experience,
their sound system was so awful, 
damn noisy + annoying.
I can't even enjoy the food though the taste was so so only.
noisy till I headache, omg

look at my tired face after I 'tormented' by the sound system. wtf

some matching accessories, I know my nail was ugly.
urgh, i got no time to do manicure T_T

the reddish mum, she was so lucky that night.

she won the lucky draw and guess she won what ?
she won an electric cooker that come with a pot.
haha, so worth right?
I was so excited too because I like the cooker so much.
I know I sound like aunty, but I can't control myself hate cooking ok?
I like to cook, just a habit.

I think that's all .
blogging while listening bigbang's song.
can't wait for their solo comeback. 

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