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some of my bags, but not all. not consider as collection, i'm not that rich
I admit that I spent too much of money

What is a brand? I googled it, “Brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.”

So why do we need it? Since everyone are complaining that is to expensive for a bag, shirts, shoes or whatever. I found out that each college student or even teenagers were holding/wearing branded stuff. Some of the teenagers are richer than me, loll. So shame to myself because I can’t even earn more money than them.

Actually we own a branded stuff is not because of the brand right? Err, I mean for me. Haha. Although you will feel that maybe is my excuse of owning those expensive stuff but still I need to clarify it. I won’t buy a thing that will over my budget, never and ever. For example, a dress cost RM400++ for me is damn expensive. A denim shorts cost RM200++ for me also consider as expensive.

I purchased it is because of the quality and the preferable design. That is nothing relate about the brand. I couldn’t buy a cheap thing that I can only use 1 time. It is another way of wasting money.

But sometimes I still can’t understand the reason of those people keep showing off on how branded they wore. I think that is a wrong attitude. Am I correct?? Hmmm. They even ‘shot’ people who wear a shirt which similar with a xx brand. That is not a fault for a people to wear “similar” design with a branded stuff, even I also do that. I can’t handle the price of the original, that’s why I buy those similar things.

Just hope that those attitude can be corrected.

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