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Recently is wedding month I think, 
received so many invitation for wedding dinner, lolll
just gonna share some photo only,
I had started my class recently, 
no time to go anyway because I had 4 days classes in a week T_T
don't have holiday anymore.
Had been so bored recently...
luckily I still able to update my blog to avoid it become dead blog >:|

make up of a day + hungry face.

partner of a day xD

congratulation !!

sometimes, town seriously can't compare with village.
at least the wedding dinner that I had attended at Johor was so punctual.
the invitation card wrote 7pm and they seriously start the dinner at 7pm, they won't care about whoever was late.
so good!!
at here 7pm mean 9pm.....
I 8.30pm or around 9pm only got serve with food...
I was hungry like hell and almost gastric, wtf -.-

the ootd: 
dress from Kuchai

I look so 'round' with this dress TT
omg, especially my arm.....zzz
How to lose weight huh???
When I measure my weight I realize it keep gaining........

I can't stop myself to eat,
but I force myself to less eat rubbish stuff which mean burger, maggi, snacks......
-.- hopefully will lose some, hopeeeeeee

lastly end with one more selca again!

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