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As a blogger, I know I should try out new stuff and share it out.
but recently I seriously felt sick of outside food.
I'm a person that like to cook myself according to my own taste bud. 
some more, outside food is away too expensive and not healthy at all.
I first time vomit due to the oily mee hun soup -.-
It 'was' my favorite before.
yes, was. before I vomit like hell.
saw that many ppl was having food poisoning or diarrhea recently.
too bad  :(
hate the stupid weather and the oily food.

That's why I keep reading many recipe books recently in order to have a good cook by myself.
 healthy life style is important right?

here is a dish that I tried out recently.
I named it Kimchi Rice Ball.



isn't it cute??
the main ingredients is kimchi + bacon xD

made by me and my brother.
btw, we are still consider as a 'junior' chef.
the taste was good, but the rice is too loose as a sushi, quite hard to eat.
must use hand, Loll.

luckily we ate it at home.
If not it was quite embarrassed to let ppl saw our hand full with rice and keep on squeeze the rice ball into our mouth. Lmao

alright, that's all for today.
hope you enjoy ❤

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