130613 (Homemade sushi roll)

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just a normal day.
I made sushi roll on the morning.

here is some ingredients and 'processing' pictures. 

the main ingredient for this sushi roll is kimchi and bacon.
and then I add some carrot, onion for the better taste xD
and of cause the seaweed is the most important ingredient for sushi roll.


it is so hard for me to describe the process,
so you better see the pic.
some easy steps for you to make a sushi roll!!


after rolling with the seaweed, I add a piece of egg to roll with it.
yumm!!! ❤


it is so hard to cook a piece of egg like this without a good quality pan.
because it will keep sticking on it and ruin the shape -_-

I know it doesn't look good, but first time ma.
the taste is the most important one.
successful !!

I bought this recipe few months ago by using the one malaysia book voucher.
this book is really useful for me. 
healthy, simple and delicious food.

making this sushi roll,
but I changed the ingredients xD

I always felt proud and happy after I made a kind of dish.
It motivated  me to try out more different kind of food. ❤❤

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