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The Butterfly Project is a community of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers geared towards inspiring everyone around us.
Butterfly Project design monthly projects for bloggers, which would benefit, motivate and encourage them to find their voice, goals and dreams.

  For the coming 6th of July, that is a Massage Party that organized by Butterfly Project for all exclusively invited bloggers to relax and have fun together!!


Some details of the event:
Event: The Massage Party
Time: 10.30am - 5pm
Date: 6th July 2013
Venue: Amante Seri Petaling, No. 103-1 and 103-2 , Jalan Radin Bagus K.L.

As a busy college student and blogger, I think sometimes we kinda felt stress by facing different kind of  problems / situations.
If you didn't manage to release your stress properly it will cause you into many types of illness. 
eg: headache, fever, flu, sore throat and etc.
There were many ways for you to release your stress,
For example, shopping, hang out having chit-chatting session with your BFF or maybe a Massage Party???

Why do I need a massage ???
1. Everything happened around me make me felt stressful (eg: exam, assignment, money & etc), the reason that I wanted to attend the massage party is I wish that I could escape from a stressful environment and relax all day long without thinking anything that make me felt annoyed.

2. I don't know the reason of why am I keep facing headache problem recently. Maybe I always sleep during the midnight but I ady changed the bad habits but it still remain the same.
I need some massage that make me feel comfortable and make my head relax enough. Lolll

3. I'm a student and blogger, it is quite a long time since I having a massage.
I still remember the last time of massage is with my mum but I don't know when ady.
I hope that I could pamper myself throughout the Massage party.

massage is an effective treatment that help us to reduce our stress, pain and muscle tension.
Besides that, it also help us to maintain our blood circulation. (ps: it is good for our health)
I wish that I could absorb some basic information about the simple massage steps to maintain my body health throughout this massage party.
try to put your problem aside, stay calm and relax with the other ladies blogger at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care !!

I would like to thank all of the collaborators making this party happened.

The Party venue: Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

Photo credited to Photo Booth Malaysia

The event planner: Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party


I hope that I could win the invitation :)
^^v peace ❤

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