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is a review post, 
do you still remember the massage party that happened at Amante Sri Petaling last few weeks?
If not please click here. They are having open house promotion on this 3 days!!
19-21 of July. Click the link fore more info!!

I got a review treatment voucher from the massage party,
so I decided to bring my mum and try it today.
I try the hot stone massage and my mum choosing their promotion price for Aromatherapy Body Massage which only at RM38!!
call for booking now before you lost the chance!!

Taman Segar outlet is a bit smaller compare with sri petaling.
But still their environment remain cozy and relaxing.
I didn't took a lot photos since their decoration is almost the same, just this is the minimize version of sri petaling outlet.
you can check out my massage party post for more their decoration's photo.

this is a couple room which my mum and I together.
but I didn't capture another side cause my mum is massaging.

shower cap, tower and underwear to let you change.

hot stone~~~

they actually have 2 floors,
which is ground floor and 1st floor.
the ground floor is the massage rooms and the 1st floor is for manicure and pedicure sections.

that's not me and not my mum.
Once I finished my massage and I wanted to take picture that time, my mum's hot stone is all removed. TT
I hope that I could take one of my massage pic, loll I really curious about how my back look like. hahah
this is another customer which allow me to took her picture. thank you so much.

hot stone massage is very good for our blood circulation and it able to help us to clear all the toxic in our body.
especially for women and girls,
it able to reduce the period pain for us.
I feeling my whole body was not that stiff after the massage.
when the stone scrolling on my back with the heat,
it really make make me feel sleepy, damn great feeling. 

my mother actually try out two section,
which took 2 hours,
 I need to wait her for half an hour since my review treatment is only 1 hour plus.
they actually offer me an express manicure while waiting my mum ❤

time to change color

my new lovely nails ❤
love the color, thanks to the girl who introduce this color for me.
it is more on vintage green which bring out a classic feeling, mad love.

try to show my nail but #failed

guess what ? after the massage section we actually had our own high tea section at home.
bought 2 red velvet cake and make our own tea.



so far is a great friday for me.
how about you?
do share it with me ;p

ps: the only bad thing is my eye was so pain recently, 
and tmr I still need to wear lens. wtf

enjoy reading!
peace ^^v

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