Blind Detective

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watched this movie on last Saturday.
Blind Detective / 盲探.
love this movie, the dialog is so meaningful.
wanted to watch it when it first screening, too many things until I almost missed this movie.
I know, it was on screen quite a long time.
luckily I still remember it. haha
didn't know Andy Lau can act till so funny, maybe I not really watch his movie >.<
rate 5 stars for this movie 

        after movie as usual we find a nice place for our dinner.
found out that I never went Caffeinees@ kampung pandan with the boyfie before.
can't believe that, I came so often. Loll
till that day I only know we never come together before. 
ok, my bad *.*
but at last we still manage to come. haha

didn't capture the environment.
I think all of you already familiar with this place.
nice chilling place.

Can't take good picture on that day T__T
boyfie was keep saying my face was too chubby.
wtf, how to slim my face down?????

ok, he look so slim in this picture -.-

facebook, instagram...

*no eye see*
drink my tea, loll

finally, food served !!

the chicken

forget about it's name T__T
 it come with some mushroom, salad and mash potato.
boyfie's lamb loin.
he said prefer lamb shoulder 

eat eat eat.


recently I was so addicted with desserts.
you can find out I often choose western food as dinner at my recent posts.
because they serve yummy desserts!!!
strawberry waffle with chocolate syrup. yummy!!

I think I will stop at here.
stay tuned !
peace ^^v

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