Homemade x Ham Cheese Chicken x Easy Steps

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hello guys, I'm here to share out my own recipe again.
pls don't blame me if you think the recipe is not suppose to be like that.
It was Homemade, which mean you cook according to your favorite taste.
I'm not that good in writing recipe, so yea.... just correct my mistake if I describe it wrongly.
Do leave some opinion/comment on my comment box if you wanted to share your thought.

Now, let get it start!

Ingredients (This recipe is for 3 pax):
main course →                     1) Chicken drumstick without bone x 3
mushroom omelette maybe? 
there's no name for it →        2) Mushroom, Egg 
sauce →                               3) Garlic, Onion, Ginger, Oyster sauce, Black pepper, Potato flour (thickened the sauce)
mash potato →                     4) Potato x 2
hmm, side dishes? not sure 
whether is it call side dishes.→ 5) Ham, Cheese slices, Baked bean

oy & bp
a) Firstly, make sure your ingredients is all prepared.
cut ingredient 3 that stated above into very tiny form and then put it aside stand by.

b) spill some salt and black pepper on the drumstick and put it aside.

mash p
c)  mash potato
1. cut potato into slice to speed up the soften process 2. put into steamer to steam until it soft enough to let you smash  3. smash until like ice cream form ;)

mush egg
d) mushroom omelette
1. cut the mushrooms into small slices and mix it with egg 2. mix until all the mushroom is stick with the egg 3. pour it on the pan wait until the bottom is a little cooked (this is to let the egg stick with the mushroom perfectly) 4. thn start to fried it

e) started to pan fried your chicken
ps: after the chicken was done, remember to quickly put the cheese slice on top.
because it was still hot once you leave the pan, the remaining heat will make the cheese in half melted condition. after that, fried the ham and put it on the top of the cheese.

f) sauce
1. mix the oyster sauce with some water(according to your need) and mix it with a little potato flour(remember to not put much, because it will thicken your sauce like some sort of jelly if you put too much) 2. pour some oil on your hot pan and then put garlic, onion and ginger to fried until you can smell the smell and then pour 1 in the pan until it boiled.

we're done!!
the baked bean you can get it at most of the supermarket (with tin), the onion was a part of the ingredients.
does the mash potato look cute? xD

zoom in~~~
cheese slice in the middle.

sry for some missing photos, I'm trying my best to take all the process photos while my mum and I was cooking. It was a little bit hard seriously, because our hand was too oily TT
hope my next recipe post can take more pictures >.<

that's all for my recipe post!
enjoy reading.
peace ^^v

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