Massage Party x Butterfly Project @AMANTE SRI PETALING

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Hi, guys.
did you saw some awesome relax & chilling pictures from my Instagram / Facebook / Twitter ?
It was all about the Massage Party hosted by Butterfly Project Malaysia !! They were awesome.
I'm glad that I had been chosen to attend this massage party.
 I'm so proud to be one of the butterflies, WEEEE~~~~

The massage party was happened on last Saturday located at Amante Nail Spa & Body @Sri petaling, 10.30am-5.30pm. 
it divided into 2 section, I'm in section A which is the morning part.

it is located at the upstairs of Ochado and I found it.


welcome to the massage party~

remember register first when we start doing anything ;)





At first, I didn't know it include pedicure/manicure section I thought it was just massage only.
I'm so excited when I knew it was included, haha

What color should I choose?




ok, this is what I choose, is it consider as orange color??

their comfortable sit for every customer, it was so wide and comfortable.
feeling to sleep on the chair, loll


is me, while enjoying the pedicure

hi, my toes ~

met Lizzie again~

place we did our pedicure/manicure,
beautiful and cozy right? You should come Amante to try out their service x)

after pedicure was our chilling time,
since I need to queue for the hot stone massage xD
Amante was so good, they actually let all the blogger choose whether we want to try Aromatherapy Massage or Hot Stone Massage.
I choose hot stone since I never try it before.

place we chit chatting / chilling / and of course our high tea!!

finally is the food picture time!

they actually so warm-hearted, provide tea and coffee to let us choose.
high tea wouldn't be high tea if without coffee or tea xD

our high tea dishes:








sry, this time I forgot to take those name tag of the dishes, can't really remember their name T__T
but this cutie dishes are all sponsored by Teaffani High Tea

there was 2 side of dishes,
after trying Teaffani High Tea was the Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party's turn.
the dishes she prepared was look like a part of the decoration.
I don't really dare to try because I scare if it was just for decoration purpose so I ask before I try.
thank god they actually can eat one, haha

yummy home baked cookies.

same as the cupcake too~
isn't it cute?

Amante rest and relax cookies
totally can't imagine it was eatable , loll

Mochis ~

The party planning and this part of dishes was all sponsored by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party

And now, finally is my turn to try out the massage.
it was at another floor, Amante Nail Spa & Body Care actually include 2 floors.
the first floor is pedicure/manicure and high tea section.
second floor is the massage section ❤



love how they design their sri petaling outlet,
it make me felt relax enough and all of annoying things was jump out from my mind ^^

the corridor.

this was my massage room,
I was using the same room with lizzie.
it was so wide and I felt so shy because we need to take off our shirt before the massage start.
haha, a little bit scare another ppl come in when I'm taking off my cloths. ><

this was the stone that use to massage my back.
love the temperature, you can imagine after you did a simple massage and then the masseur started to use the  hot stone to massage your back.
mad love the feeling.


sry i don't hv pic during my massage section, me and lizzie was so enjoy the massage.
nobody can help us take picture, hehe.

after the massage section we back to our chit chatting time and take pictures.
glad that the Photobooth Malaysia was there to take pictures for us.
I still hvn get those pictures yet, so I grabbed a picture from Uni's blog.

me , Lizzie & Uni

eat again. Loll

happy kid is happy

drink tea pose

Last picture ok?

thx to The Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers and of course the sponsors: Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party  /     Amante Nail Spa & Body Care  /  Photobooth Malaysia  Teaffani High Tea  making this party happened.

Wait!! is it the end of the post???
nooooo, so don't leave first.
I'm gonna share some awesome news for you guys!
After reading my massage party post do you feel like wanna go to Amante Nail Spa & Body Care ?
do your pedicure/manicure or massage?
here is the big promotion to let you all know.

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care will be having open house on Friday 19th of July to Sunday 21st of July (10am - 8pm).
it is open for public, so what do they have on the open day?

they will give out Free treatment for New customers which is Aromatherapy Massage / Hot stone massage and Manicure - Lymphatic Detoxification Treatments (first come first serve basis)

They also having 3 days only sale!
Up to 70% savings for Buy Now-Use Later services listed below:

1) Nailtek Spa Manicure / Pedicure
Now RM68 (np RM228)

2) Aromatherapy Body Massage 90mins (women and couples only)
Now RM38 (np RM127)

3) Bellewave Switzerland Instant Radiance & Brightening Facial Treatment
Now RM71 (np RM238)

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care's branches is located at:
Bangsar / Cheras  / Kepong
Kota Damansara  /  Klang  /  Mont Kiara
Petaling Jaya  /  Puchong  /  Sri Petaling
Subang Jaya  /  Time Square

for more information pls visit www.amante.my

Remember to mark the date on your calender to not miss out the open house of Amante Nail Spa & Body Care !
peace ^^v


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