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Without Braces

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this is how my teeth look like before I start my braces life. ermmm

I took out my brace 2 days ago.
was like "finally".
I don't really know the braces placed on my teeth for how long.
2 and a half years? Or maybe 3 years?
until I really get use to it -.-
And now my braces is leaving me, finally I can meet my teeth for so long. LOLL

love the color of the cover, haha. blue~~~

my upper row teeth look like this

the lower row teeth~~

Just took the cover for my teeth from dentist.
Need to wear 12 hours a day.
He said my teeth is still loose, need to use this to fix it.

showing a picture when I just started to wear my brace.

seems like I was biting something but I'm not T__T
that was a spring which place on my upper row of teeth ><
my mouth look seriously weird.

Now I can smile in the pic whenever I want! weee~~

take 2

take 3

That's all for a little update!!
peace ^^v

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