Komugi Cafe new menu @Pavilion KL

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I think maybe it launched quite a long time,
because I had quite a long time didn't visit komugi.
went there again last Saturday due to the crave for desserts.
haha. #fat

realized that their menu had been updated, I'm so excited when I saw that.

choose a tart and chocolate half-baked cake as desserts at the dessert counter.
my face look so weired @@

decided to try the chicken teriyaki burger.
their bun so cute, the shape wasn't the usual burger bun's shape.
just like a donuts.

glad that it doesn't disappoint me  :*)
yummy !!

add on cream mushroom soup bun!!
boyfriend was ate his lunch when we met.
too bad, if not I can try other dishes on the new menu. Loll

after a satisfied lunch we decided to have a korean dinner.
long time didn't visit my favorite korean restaurant, Daorae@Sri Petaling.


sry it is a food post again.
recently was too busy on assignment,
exam is around the corner AGAIN.
I have one assignment which I had no idea how to start it....


Hope that I still free to update new post during this busy month T__T
that's all for today.
enjoy reading <3 p="">

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