Ossoto Spa @Wisma Mirama

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Found out this Ossoto Spa is so popular recently.
Wan Yee's family date my mum and I to go and have a try.
so I decided to go, put my assignments a side first @@

too bad they actually not allow us to take pictures.
you will see all is my selca photos when I am enjoying their facilities.
you are gonna see my face at this whole post. loll

Ossoto Spa have 5 floors if I not mistaken.
they provide mini gym room, cinema, ping pong and Internet cafe.
not forget to mention they also provide sauna and steam room.
you no need to bring anything go there actually, they provide everything. loll

collect your number first before you enjoy all the facilities, 
this is use to scan your locker.

kimono is provided too.

Wan Yee was sitting at the cafe like a boss. xD

wore the cloth that provided by Ossoto.

the room that we have our spa.

bubble bubble~~

sry pls ignore my dark circle.
I was super tired recently.
and I can't make up because all the facilities let me keep sweating.
(sauna room, steam room, spa, gym and etc)

ordered hot chocolate while I was at cinema,
they served delicious hot chocolate.
and yup!! coffee art!!
can I said this is chocolate art??

I paid for RM48 during this promotion period.
their food consider as ok, but I stay at there whole day. -.-
because I went on Sunday, it was so many people you need to queue for their facilities.
I think this is the weakness of this spa.

ok, gotta get back to my assignments.
before I scold by my group mate ><

peace ^^v

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