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Today is gonna be a food post.
It was my first try at Uncle Jang seriously.
I know I'm kinda outdated again. haizz.
because I don't really know the actual location of Uncle Jang and I had no time to try it T_T
Finally my exam was ended!! 
and finally have a long waiting date with the girl that most difficult to date, Kimberly. xDD
her college intake is one month later than mine, so her holiday was always during my exam :'(
it is hard for us to date each other.

Finally she had a free lunch time and she as a driver fetch me.
sigh, it was my first time let her fetch since she got her license.
this proof that how hard for us to meet. Lolll

I know I have so many craps, because I finally can sit in front of my lappie writing my blog comfortably. 
not rushing post or short post T__T
but I know this feeling won't maintain a long time.
can't imagine how busy is my life once I start my semester 2.

back to the topic, loll

we ordered 2 person's dak galbi.

love the smell~~
but too bad after we having this lunch our hair was full of bbq smell.

we decided to order ramen,
Kimberly feeling to try udon too but I felt that I can't accept udon mix with cheese so we decide to ordered ramen xD

cheese cheese cheese~~~

side dishes.

IMD</p><p style=
the girl Kimberly.

is me! happy girl.

I personally think that extra cheese is a must.
because if the dak galbi without cheese will become quite tasteless.
their sauce need some seasoning to enhance the taste.
for example: cheese (Y)

btw, this restaurant still not bad.
the only reason disappoint me is it don't have  koreanish sit. loll
Kimberly said they renovated it ady, it's kinda different feel if with those sits. haha.
we are visiting ampang's outlet, not sure whether other outlets also like that anot T__T

I'm done with my food post!
have a nice day!!

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