My Beauty Diary social media press conference @Aeon Metro Prima Kepong

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feeling guilty for so less update recently TT
Give me a reason why a day did not have 48 hours?
this was happened on last last weeks.
ok, I know I hold it for so damn long..

so now is time to update!!
Once again, feeling so grateful to become a butterfly member of ButterflyProjectMalaysia.
I got to attend MyBeautyDiary press conference located at Aeon metro prima Kepong.



MyBeautyDiary had launched their Natural Key Range upgrade series. 
so what is Cosphingo about??

1. it assists the skin to improve its moisture - retaining ability so that you can satisfy your hydration needs from all aspects
2. It helps dehydrated skin to regain and maintains its softness and tenderness like a baby's skin.
3. Natural extracted patented long-lasting moisturizing ingredient Cosphingo maintain healthy skin by sealing in water for natural hydration.



the new upgrade series of natural key range!

small tester on my hand.

Besides that, MyBeautyDiary also did material upgrade on this series.

1. It is adjustable, adhering cloth mask designed for you!

with 3D refined tailoring and texture characteristics, the new cloth mask fits your chin perfectly optimal adherence and comfort.
The imported high-purity, environmental-friendly fiber largely reduces the effects of impurities on your skin. Its elastic am adherent structure instantly infuses the skin with abundant moisture.

The My Beauty Diary 10th Anniversary limited edition facial masks

a Volunteer blogger try the effect of the mask.

met Chency and other girls I forgot to take pictures TT
cause i'm rushing back to next round, friend's birthday celebration, so sad I didn't manage to take group photo.

goodies for bloggers.

I did enjoyed a lot at the events.

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