Blogging 101 chapter 4: Mr Lens x ButterflyProjectMalaysia

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I felt that I am such a lucky girl when I received an email from ButterflyProjectMalaysia that announcing I was selected for blogging 101 chapter 4. This time is collaboration with MrLens.

 MrLens you are provided with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and with a user friendly online interface.

MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, we are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too!

Besides that, by purchasing lens with  MrLens you able to save up to 50% on contact lens!!
Apart from the price, they also provide efficient service too. Let me share to you about my experience!

Once I placed my order at  MrLens for 2 days, I received a call from them to notify me that my lens was out of stock and they told me need to wait for one week to restock it. It was ok for me since I was not rushing for it. After I waited for one week something I thought they forget my order because I never receive any parcel, so I try to contact  MrLens on their Facebook. I thought they will reply me after a few days cause I experienced this kind of customer service on other website. But it was kind a surprise they reply me after a few minutes I inbox them and they explained to me that their stock was delayed and will be reaching soon.
I love this kind of efficient service , aren't you?

Here is some easy steps to order lens from MrLens

1) Select your favorite lens
2) Choose your power and colours
3) Type your quantity 
4) Click add to cart
5) Lastly, it will direct you to a checkout page and you can pay via online banking and credit card
isn't it easy? 

Colourvue Starburst colored lenses is what I choose, I picked gray color since I still have 4 pairs of brown color lens haven't wear. Lens come with a nice packaging.

feeling that I look like a cat with this color. Lolll
It look like green in real life xD

some before and after comparison, how can I live without lens?? hmm

Loving my new lens and thanks to MrLens and ButterflyProjectMalaysia gave the opportunity for me to review my online purchasing experience on MrLens.
Not forget to mention that MrLens is providing free delivery within Klang Valley area.
Now, shop your favorite contact lenses with MrLens !!

MrLens website:
MrLens Facebook Page:

Lastly, don't you feel that my makeup is awesome?
haha, I was being my friend's model of the day for her makeup class before I shot for these pictures.
If you are interested with my makeup pls contact Ahh Yean.

burning my midnight oil because my inspiration running in my mind at this timing. Btw, is time for me to hit the sack now!!
enjoy my post and good night ❤

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