Christmas Eve dinner @Twenty one Table+Terrace (Bangsar Shopping Centre)

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Blog about my Christmas Eve during the last day of 2013.
this isn't a special day for me, just like every end of the year.
it is just a prove that I'm getting older *sob*

Decided to have a simple dinner for this Christmas, dated the bff (yean) and 2 gentlemen (boyfriend and a friend x) ).
I have heard about twenty one table + terrace quite a long time and this time decided to dine in there.
we don't really like to count down at KL area, playing all those yucky sprays.
I can't stand those suspicious substances stick on my hair, I will definitely be crazy and keep shouting, loll
that's me. no doubt.
My hair is very important. 
I did rather to have a peaceful dinner at a quiet dining area, with some sweetness cocktails ;)

first visit at here.
sry for my awful pose, the pretty staff was too enthusiastic.
She kept welcoming us when we reached the place and then I told her I wanted to take some photos first.
end up she keep looking at me while I taking pictures, loll
so stress lo T_T xD

they didn't serve wide variety of mains course whereas their serve wide variety of beverages.
from alcoholic to non alcohol. 
I was a bit regret when I saw the menu, loll
too less choice to choose T__T

one of the partner of the day, Yean ;D

They was having happy hour for buy one free one promotion.
we can choose any types of beverage from the menu, but must be the same drinks.
recommended by the staff, we ordered feel so close.
yup, the name of the cocktail. loll
I love the taste of sweet and sour so I listen the suggestion of the waiter. x)

they do serve some breads before the meal started.

four of us ordered each main course for ourselves and decided to order a Christmas set dinner for share.
Here come the set first:
the price of the Christmas set is RM88 if I not mistaken.

Smoked salmon parcel with cherry tomato salad & pickled kyuri
one word to describe this starter, salty.
I expect it would be salty but not this much, even the thin canapes to pair with it was salty too.
luckily we ordered to share together.

Roast turkey breast
I would like to say I love turkey drumstick meat but not breast.
too hard to bite, loll
Maybe is my personal taste problem or maybe I don't know the knowledge to eat turkey.

Christmas Pudding
the most disappointing dish >.<
I expect so much for their desserts since I don't really like their main course.
it serve warm with cheese mousse.
I cannot describe how weird is the taste. 
maybe is the raisin or maybe I'm a picky eater. haha

my main course:
Roast chicken breast RM36
it taste so... traditional, chinese traditional. hmm

Crispy skin salmon RM36
this was the only dish I like, the salmon was fresh and well cooked.
great combination with the caper butter sauce.

Chicken Burger RM28
Such a big portion and yes, she can't finish it. loll
the burger taste ok, but is away too dry.
it must be the favorite for those people who like fried stuffs x)

Steak and Chips RM38
Too bad I don't eat beef, but what he told me was fine.

My first post that contain so many negative comments, loll
twenty one doesn't served great food but I really love their drinks.
it maybe isn't a good dining place but definitely a great place for 'second round'.

bought an early birthday present for her before her birthday reach.
look at her "don't know how to react" face xDD

the ladies

the gentlemen

and the love.

forget to bring my camera's flash -.-
using iphone 5s to took the these few pictures.

Lastly, end my post with our mainstream selca.

wish you all a Happy New Year!
say goodbye to 2013 and say hello to 2014 :)

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