Christmas Potluck with the Butterflies ❤

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pinkish makeup for my first Christmas party in this year, do you feel pink? xD

sry for the late Christmas post, being so lazy and tired recently. loll
wish you a late Merry Christmas, this year is the first year I celebrate Christmas with ButterflyProjectMalaysia.
It was a Christmas Potluck Party which held at Sekeping Sin Chew Kee.
It was a great party, we was requested to bring our own made food to the party.
Too bad I still remember that day was raining cats and dogs, I didn't manage to take much photos.
I felt I was in a bad state, my hair get wet due to the rain.
I cannot stand any water spreading on my hair because I feel it will turn me into a bad hair day.
so the rain did. TT

some of the environment pictures:

it contain 2 and a half floor (ground floor, first floor, second floor) I think, cause the third floor is considered as a room for those who want to overnight at there after the party.

room at the second floor.

waiting for other butterflies to come, many people was late due to the heavy rain and jam.

some of the foods (I didn't capture all the food pictures because I was hungry, loll):

cutie cupcake which I didn't manage to try, because I was so damn full after finished the turkey, pasta sandwiches, sushi and others. Loll
my stomach couldn't fit other foods anymore. 

ya, what my stomach fitted. xDD

after the food is time to exchange presents, the favorite activity of all the girls. x)
Christmas tree with the gifts that prepared by ButterflyProjectMalaysia for all the butterflies. wee~~

Present exchange section organized by Cindy Tong, thank you Cindy!

met Angeline and Chency.

Yuh Jiun in the house :)

Girls at the photobooth,
once again the awesome photobooth was by 123Cheese.my.

while waiting for our photo in process.

received a tiny gift from the Butterfly team.

and also my Santa during the present exchange section.
thank you so much and I love those awesome gifts ❤

happy kid's face ❤

during this party me and Chency was decided to exchange our own gift between us only.
but till the end of the party I was searching all of my stuffs and wanted to keep it in my bag and I found out I lost my gift O.O
my mind was blank out of the sudden, than I keep refreshing my memories where the hell I put the gift. Loll
after searching and thinking for awhile, my conclusion is I put into the gift bag that I use join the gift exchange that organized by Cindy.
I was really panic that time, feel so sry for not taking good care of the thing that ppl gift me TT

Thanks to Cindy for helping to tag all of the butterflies who join the gift exchange and I manage to find the present. 
Thank to Nurliyana Hanim who contacted me after reading my post at the group, thank to your honest and sry for my mistake.
but still due to many of kind people who assisted me, I think I had an unforgettable Christmas in the year of 2013 ;)
It would be a special experience for me for losing my own gift -.- 
it was really my first time, lolll.

Lastly, end my post with my only Christmas feel picture.
other pictures that I took with the Christmas tree was so ugly -.-
not decided to post it, haha

Btw, wish you all a Merry Christmas !!
Stay tuned for my Christmas eve dinner post.

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