My Beauty Resolution 2014 (Yadah x TheButterflyProject Malaysia)

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Finally TheButterflyProject Malaysia is back on January for their collaboration with Yadah!!
I am so excited because the last project of butterfly was on November and finally there are back.
the dress code is about red!! I wish I could join!!

so here is My Beauty Resolution on 2014:
1) The first that I really want to do is to organize my makeup stuffs. I bought so many makeups in this year and my rooms was sooooooo messy because I don't have any suitable place to store my makeup. So my first resolution is to buy some pretty girly box to store and categorize them in order to convenient me when I wanted to makeup.

2) Next will be my exercise routine. I wish to have abs but not tummy. I was exercising everyday since the month of September, but I stop it because of my exam. My exam seriously mess up my schedule TT after that I totally forget about my exercise. I felt that my tummy is rounder day by day because I was kept high tea and eat some yummy foods with my friends without ANY exercise. I hope that I can maintain my exercise routine on 2014!!

3) The last resolution is take good care on my skin! my skin equal to my life seriously, focus on searching some organic makeup or skincare products. Btw, any product that is Natural, botanical, natural plant ingredients, organic, chemical-free, no artificial colouring, gentle yet effective ?
the first product that jump into my mind is YADAH!
YADAH is a korea brand which offer variety of skin care and makeup products. The most important is their products also 100% free from artificial coloring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extracts. Muslims friend also able to use it because it is a halal product!!
wish to try their products TT

a big thanks to  TheButterflyProject Malaysia and YADAH for organizing this awesome event!!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia

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