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Cerro Qreen Make Up Brush by Natta Cosme (review)

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Ding Dong Bell, who was that?
I opened the door and it was postman coming with a parcel for me.
I am really happy to receive every parcel from postman, I was like unboxing my present xD
Guess what was that?
it is Cerro Qreen make up brush set in blue!!
Feeling so lucky cause I had chosen by Natta Cosme to review this fashion and adorable brush set!
All thanks to Natta Cosme.

Before I receive it, there was a little problem appeared.
The brush set that I first received was in yellow, a little bit mistake by me.
but still Natta Cosme served me patiently and allow me to exchange with them, so much love ❤
here come the final color of my brush set.

shiny blue bag for my brush set instead of dull color!!
the color was so cute!

7 blue brushes is perfectly fit in the pouch.
all come in shiny sky blue with the white brush wool!

7 pieces of brushes not only for your face, but eyes as well!
how to not love it?

About Cerro Qreen Brush Set:

Name: Cerro Qreen Make Up Brush Set
Content: 7 pcs of brushes
Price: RM 36.90 (Promotion still on: RM 29.52)
Color: Blue / Pink / Yellow / Purple / Black
Get yours now at Natta Cosme website! ❤

Wooden brush handle that made from natural wood.
can't resist their shiny surface of the brush handle and it sustain decolorisation as well!

Bristle materials: 0.05mm Anti-bacterial mini fibre
as it is more comfortable and equipped with anti-bacterial property.
No worries for people who are sensitive to those products that made from animals furs.

trying on their powder brush and it is soooo soft and comfortable.
seriously, I feel like sleeping when I apply it on my face.
the mini fibre is really mini enough and it won't hurt my skin easily.

I know it is an eyelash brush but somehow it did a great job on blending my brow xP
the function of a product is always depends on how we use it ;D

applying eye shadow using the big eye shadow brush.
it is really great that it pick up the color easily and smudge evenly on my lid.

“ I really in love with the materials of this brush set as I feeling like pampering myself when I using it. The mini fibre did a really great job from prevent hurting on our skin. The only thing I don't like about it is the eyeliner brush does not come with a cover, because I scare the dirt of gel liner will smudge on my sky blue makeup pouch. I hope it won't create a mess for my pouch as I will clean it every time I used it. Sometimes, I would be rushing and forget to clean it  xF ”

If you are a beginner of makeup, why don't you choose Cerro Qreen make up brush from Natta Cosme with an affordable price?
Natta Cosme is having promotion, this adorable brush set is only RM 29.52.
visit their website to not miss this deal!

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