Spring Festival Party with Yadah x ButterflyProjectMalaysia @ Little Wonton TTDI

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Chinese New Year haven't reach yet but it is around the corner.
Therefore, Yadah Malaysia created an opportunity for us "The Butterflies" to celebrate together with the dress code of RED.
red is always the color that remind me about CNY :)

The event was happened at Little Wonton which located at TTDI.
start at 2.30pm till 5.30pm.
 I'm so excited cause I was picked by ButterflyProjectMalaysia to attend this event.
Thousand thanks again, ButterflyProjectMalaysia bring my blogging path to the next level :)

photo credited to Angeline.
my car pool partner of the day, Angeline.
TTDI was really far from my house and I am not familiar with their roads.
drag Angeline along with and we both using gps.
as usual -.- most early reached guest. 
haha, Tammy was asking us to wait at outside first because they haven't decorate finish.
we actually reach on 1.50pm or 2pm like that, damn early right?

Yadah's products are certified by the Korean FDA and are formulated to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic with a mixture of botanical ingredients that are natural, organic and some with Ecocert authentication. They are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled ones especially for teenagers
and young adults.

As an effective botanical skincare range, Yadah offer products that 100% free from artificial coloring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulphate and animal extracts.

Products of Yadah

here are a series of Yadah's star products, below is their introduction follow by number ;)

1) Collagen Ampoule (30 ml) RM 65
2) Brightening Ampoule (30 ml) RM 65

3) Lip Tint Balm (4.5g) RM 25

include 4 types of colors: Sugar Pink Cherry Red / Bling Bling Yellow  /  Shiny Peach

 Angel BB Cream RM 49

Natural Hair Shampoo RM 45

 Lovely Lip Gloss RM 19

Moisturising cactus mist RM 25 / Hand Cream RM 17

 Cleansing Nose Strip & Brightening Mask Pack RM 19

  Anti Trouble Series RM 35 - 59

Bouble Deep Cleanser RM 49 

Here is Elaine, product brand manager from Yadah.

Below are some products that she highlighted:

Yadah Sweet Milky Tint RM 25 (02. Sweet Pinky / 01. Sweet Cherry)

The color I got from Yadah goodies is  01. Sweet cherry.
This milky tint contains semi-precious gemstones to help retain skin hydration with a touch of natural shine.
I did a test on my lip and went out for dinner, it was really really long lasting which surprise me.
Because after I finished all of my foods, the color of my lip still remain the same.
loving the long lasting result ❤

Yadah Bloom & Highlash Mascara RM 35
Bloom Mascara is basically gives more superior lash volume and length without sumdging.
Highlash Mascara is help to extend lash length while providing smudge-free definition.
these 2 types of mascara are all Water Resistant.

I got a Highlash Mascara from the goodies.
Here is the result show after I apply it, it seriously did well on extend the length of my lashes and it last for whole day!

Next I will be introducing you Yadah's OH MY SUN BLOCK.
It is can be use for daily wear and no makeup remover is needed.
Suitable for all skin types and given highly moisturising sun block that offers high level protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

during the presentation, there are 3 types of BB cream for us to try out.
Try to figure out which is the lastes YADAH OH MY SUN BLOCK.

         My Impression about the products:
  • A: It was so watery and I feel greasy when I tested it on my hand.
  • B: It was a lightweight matte texture, well absorb and non sticky at all. 
  • C: It had a strong fragrance smell which I felt really weird.
        Let we review the answer for you:
  • A: Yadah old version sun block
  • B: the upgraded version of YADAH OH MY SUN BLOCK
  • C: X brand with SPF 50 which contain too much of chemicals that may harm our skin

Next session is deep cleanser testing:

the reason for this testimonial is to see how well the cleanser work.
eyeliner is always the troublesome for girl when comes to removing makeup.
Let's see how was the result!

apply gentle amount on your makeup area.

gently rub it with your hand.

Wipe it off!!

my hand was so clean!

Next session was Lip balm testing:
Elaine need 2 volunteers for testing the long lasting effect of their lip balm,
Another blogger and Jennifer be the volunteers.

I am totally surprise with the speed of Jennifer,
she finished the bowl of noodles within 10 seconds with a clean bowl. -.-

prizes for the volunteers, food master Jennifer xDD
look at their lips, the lip balm's color still remain on their lips.
*claps claps*

after all of the activities, is time for food and pictures!!
I was so hungry because I haven't eat anything, woke up late and the time is enough for me to dress up myself only xDDD

little wonton!

spicy is always my favorite ❤

Alice favorite thing to do: PHOTOBOOM! xDD

Amelie with me

ok, the girl who always hide behind when taking picture -.-
Yuh Jiun

love this picture so much


awesome picture ❤
credited to Nala

group picture

and of course not forget to end with my ootd shot ;)

knitted wear // taobao
red dress // kuchai lama
heels // taobao

awesome goodies from Yadah!!

Latest update:

Good news for all of my dearest readers!!
after reading my post, does it attract you to try out the Yadah botanical products?
since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I am giving out a RM 8 angpow for all of my readers who intended to purchase Yadah products.
it is not a big figure, but Yadah products are all in affordable price. RM 8 can make big different on their product price. 
So don't hesitate to download and print it.
Show this voucher to any SASA outlets to redeem it.
Start your CNY shopping now !! ^^v
ps: this voucher is valid up till  16th Feb 2014

don't forget to like their facebook page:
Yadah Malaysia: fb.com/YadahMalaysia
The Butterfly Project: fb.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia
Little Wanton TTDI: fb.com/Littlewontonbar

thx for reading!
stay tuned for my next post! xoxo


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