Tammy's Birthday party @Häagen-Dazs

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It was really a great start for me to have an ice cream fondue set at a brand new year!!
thx to Tammy for the treat and happy birthday to you!!

I was so happy to attend this birthday party, got to met all long lost bloggers.
We are like almost "one year" didn't meet each others xDD

party was held at Haagen-Dazs located in Soho KL.
picture credited to Jennifer FurFer.

Me and Angeline was the most early guests who reached there.
Loll, we thought will be traffic jam because 1/1/2014 was public holiday.
so we went out from home one hour before the party start.

the only thing I can do is camwhore. loll

make up of the day.

decoration of the birthday party

so match the birthday feel x))

wrote our birthday wishes on the poster ;)

Me, Tammy, Amelie and Angeline
Happy Birthday to Tammy!!
Thx for inviting and organize such awesome party to kick start my year ❤

Finally got to meet this petite after so long xD

Chency in the house

there are some games I participated , sorry for my bad drawing skill TT

time to start our ice cream fondue!!

We also received custom chocolate from Tammy!
thank you Tammy ❤

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Tammy and really big thank for having such an awesome community which is ButterflyProjectMalaysia
Thx for having me as a member and I got to met different peoples during various of events,
also I got to learn something new on how to be a blogger that I never know before.
Thx for giving me a better life!!
Thank you mamasan Tammy ❤

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