Yean's 19th Birthday 2013

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ok, my first post on 2014 is about things happened on 2013.
Don't blame me, cause her birthday was on 26 of December,which is almost the end of the year.
I need some times to prepare this post, that's why it come out on today.  ;p

Seriously, it was a last minute plan.
I was shopping with yean at pavilion and suddenly our bff keep on sending whatsapp at our private group about celebrating her birthday xD
so the best tools for us to search nice place for food is GOOGLE.
At first we wanted to go the restaurant that located beside the lake at Kelana Jaya, but I visit there before and feel that their environment was so so only.
And also, we wanted to go those nearer restaurant and I found Monte's Restaurant and Bar @BSC (bangsar shopping centre).

Christmas feel was there because it was boxing day ;)


as usual, selca with the birthday girl before the food was served.

with the long time no see girl. joey xD

Yean's Mocktail
Lychee Froze RM 13
She don't like it because it was too sweet.

Always wanted to try this and finally I found a restaurant that serve this mocktail named
Cinderella RM 13
it was really my taste, great combination of those tropical fruits.
Best taste of sweet and sour! I love something sweet to pair with sour, it really bring out my appetite.

a bit tired but happy face with my 'Cinderella'.
cause I out for whole day long from morning to night -.-

freshly buns served before the dinner, I love their bun seriously.
soft enough with the buttery smell! ❤
I love most of the foods that made by flour, xDD

Escargots RM 19 (1/2 dozen) 
the shell was scorched but it doesn't affect the taste! so yummy!!

Mushroom soup RM 11

Spaghetti Vongole RM 25
what she comment about this dish was a bit spicy and salty, that's all. loll

The birthday girl Yean's
Peppermint Lamb RM 38
This was really great, I don't really know which part of the lamb when I tried this.
But, the caramelised lamb was really well combine with the pepper and mint sauce.
the meat was tender enough yet juicy when you chew in your mouth!

My turn now xp
Cajun Chicken RM 28
I'm a poultry lover and I don't eat beef.
But I love lamb, this cajun chicken definitely didn't disappoint me.
the refreshing taste of tomato salsa mixed with the chicken avoid over greasy when I was having it.

Chicken Maryland RM 27
I always prefer grilled rather than fried.
So I don't really like this and Hong also said that it was too dry.
I always thought chicken maryland was served with a kind of brown sauce but seems like they don't do that.

happy girl's face x)

Happy birthday and wish your dream come true!

group photo:
weng hong, kato,
Joey, Yean and Me.
All the bff during high school, miss the time when I was in high school. haizz

group selca picture ^^v

Monte's Restaurants and Wine Bar
Lot F 112, Level 1, Bangsar Shopping CenterJalan Maarof, 59000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel (603) 2094 1112/3
Fax (603) 2094 1113

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday, 11.30 am till 11 pm

Lastly, my #ootd:

that's all, goodbye!!
see you all at my next post ;D

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