Butterfly Project x Kenko Fish Spa x Worthy Book

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Was invited by The Butterfly Project Malaysia to have a relaxing and fun day with the butterflies at  Kenko Fish Spa.
It's been awhile for me to join butterfly project, assignments and exam "murderer".
It hold most of my times TT
Having test on next week and I don't know why I still can sit in front of my laptop typing this but not studying. -.-
exams and tests pls pass as fast as you can! I want holiday!!
Like how I enjoy my relaxing afternoon at Kenko Fish Spa !!

Spent some time to search for the location -.-
it located at fifth floor beside the lift. 
I shop a lot at pavilion but don't know since when there is a fish spa in pavilion. haha

when I first heard the name of "Kenko Fish Spa" , I will thought of it just provide fish spa therapy only.
but I am wrong, they also provide 
1. The Signature Foot Reflexology
2. Aroma Foot Therapy
3. Foot, Hand & Shoulder Massage
4. Body Reflexology Massage
5. Acupressure Head Therapy
and others

each of us received voucher from Worthy Book !!
How could girls resist from discount??
especially the "%" symbol, Loll 

Is time to enjoy our fish spa!
But before that, we need to clean our feet first.

Steps that show how to clean our feet with the enzyme provided by Kenko Fish Spa.

wash wash wash~~~

Yeah, it's time to soak our feet!!
Our feet were surrounded by different size of "Dr Fish" that able to help us nibble away scaly dead skin from the feet. I felt my feet was so smooth after the fish spa.

thx to The Butterfly Project Malaysia who always produced awesome activities and projects that enable us to take part with.

The Butterfly Project Malaysia- https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia

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