Casual Chor 3

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As usual, every Chor 3 was our "bai nian" day between among high school friends.
But, this year is just kinda "rush" year.
We just manage to go one house "bai nian". Loll
Everything was happened too early. 

Here is my Outfit on CNY Chor 3.
Casual as usual, cause I need to visit friend's house.
put on a jacket because we planed to watch movie. :D

A dash of red is always the signature color of CNY.
Chinese used to think that "red" is an auspicious color and it also represent happiness and good luck.
That's we always saw many reds during CNY.
although my outfit doesn't seem to relate CNY, but red color is the point during CNY ;D
Recently I am so into casual style.
It was so comfortable and easy matching.
It was kinda tired on thinking what should I wear for a date.

The jacket was too thick and I felt hot, so let's change it to another style ;D

Boy Shirt or Jacket  // KITCHEN
Crop singlet top // TOSHOP
Denim shorts // Taobao
Bag // Taobao

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