Checker Shirt

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another CNY outfit,
I didn't own much red in this CNY.
but I am in love with checker shirt, it is another never fail fashion again.
found out I owned a green high neck crop top and it is an awesome match with my greenish checker shirt.
I felt koreanish with this outfit, LOLL.

tight a side bun for my hair.

Checker Shirt // Taobao
High Neck Crop Top // Topshop
Long Pants // 2L Fashion
Platforms // Farenheit
Skull Bag // Taobao

not forget to mention my makeup this time.
orangish with some pink, such a nice color for spring summer makeup. :)
and my CNY nail, did by myself.
does it look nice on me?

time flies again, CNY is going to end soon.
I still couldn't feel any CNY, I'm actually rushing for assignments due date now.
I just hope that exam and assignments can end as soon as possible TT

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