Dove "Your Better Than Milk" Routine launch

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Photo credited to Chency

Hello peeps.
Was taking a break from memorizing all of the notes.
This post is all about the  Dove "Your Better Than Milk" Routine launch happened on the early of March.

Most women would love more time to themselves to indulge in pampering their skin and engaging in healthy activities to nurture their overall beauty and wellness. However, in a survey commissioned by Dove® Body Wash* amongst 108 women aged between 18-35 years, time and money are the biggest hurdles in pampering oneself on a regular basis.

No matter how busy women are, there were always a time for them to pamper themselves. 
No matter, how broke we are, we are always have the money to pamper ourselves. x)

nutrium moisture
Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture launched the Dove Skindulgence campaign as a solution to encourage women to indulge and pamper themselves on a daily basis in less time and with less money…and all in the comfort of their own home.

Dove also wish to encourage women to take a step further and pledge through the Dove School of Skindulgence Facebook campaign to love themselves, eat right, and stay active through simple no-hassle, no fuss, inexpensive activities that they can do at home for themselves.

more info to join the campaign pls click facebook.com/mydovebodywash to find out more!!

So let's have a look on what is the meaning of Love yourself, Eat Right and stay active?
During the workshop I have attended by Dove, we were separated to three groups and experience this three categories. 

1. Love Yourself

Love yourself direct meaning is always find your favorite way to treat yourself or relax all the time.
Dove was placing a booth to test the moisture level of our skin and throughout this experience it prove that Dove's moisture and nourishing level is better than milk.

2. Eat Right

Photo credited to Chency
Eat right is all about Eat healthy and stay healthy!!
During this workshop I was very excited for this category because I love cooking ❤
I manage to learnt some easy recipes of healthy foods and find out it was easy.
No worry to cook at home by using this recipe on next time x)

3. Stay Active

Stay active is all about exercise.
Too maintain your desire body shape, exercise is always the essential activity to maintain it.
Not only that, a healthy body is not only concern on food. 
you need to exercise regularly with healthy food habit and the reward will be a healthy body :)

Photo credited to Chency

I think I should end at here and get back to my notes now!
bless me on my exam day.
see you! ❤

thx to Butterfly Project Malaysia for the invitation.

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