Bulgogi BBQ House @ Kota Damansara

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hello my readers~~~
I am back!! like finally -.-
back to my bloggie world, finally my exam was end End END.
I got so many posts to blog about, so many pictures haven't take. #damnexam
my posts are still processing, so be patient to see all awesome products and foods.

Before I done all the shooting, I found out I haven't blog about bulgogi BBQ house yet.
after half year something I only thought about this post. lolll

It was located nearby Sunway Giza.

one thing good about their menu was they serve with sets.
If you come with family or a group of friends, it is definitely worth for money.

Ban chan~~

We ordered Spicy pork belly which is not spicy at all. Loll
I never try a korea cuisine which state spicy and taste spicy.
Maybe I am a spicy lover, their "spicy level" doesn't affect me. haha

tell you a secret, my favorite dish in this restaurant is which dish?
can you guess it ;DD
it's their steam egg!!
when the waiters served it to our table, I saw the steam egg was still bubbling in the bowl.
It was HOT, I love food that serve in hot instead of warm.
because my eating speed is toooo slow, when I haven't finish half of the bowl it ady cold down TT
besides that, the taste of the steam egg was heavenly!
It smell good and same goes to taste!!
all of the steam egg I tried before was very pale, not salty at all.
I mean the normal salty level we taste, I am not a person who like salty food. loll
this time I know that they served different steam egg!! ❤

kimchi jiggae~
it was so so, just like the normal kimchi soup we tried.
but I think the glass noodle is a must have in kimchi jiggae.

They served sweets after the meal.

Bulgogi BBQ House Korean Restaurant
12A-G Jalan PJU 5/20B (The Strand, Kota Damansara), 

47810 Petaling Jaya,Selangor

Overall was good and the price was reasoning , the only disadvantage is it was too far from my house :(
why cheras area have so less korean cuisine TT

btw, this all for this post and stay tuned for my update.

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