Jal-Dae-Ji Korean BBQ (Food Review)

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I was really excited when I received a message that ask me to do a Korean food review!
As you know, I am a Kpop freak + Korean Food lover.
I found out recently I was keep craving for Korean food within 2 weeks something. Loll
The restaurant named Jal Dae Ji located at Ampang.
I love the marinated meats with the taste of sweet in it.
and the charcoal they use to grill the meat will enhance the taste of meat. Sry to say that I'm a #meatlover x))

Their environment give me a traditional "Koreanish" feel.
you can either choose to sit outside with chair or another kind of tatami seating.

The boss, Mr. Lee was really friendly.
I did learned a lot about Korean Food from him.
All the food we ordered was recommended by him.
I think he did a great job ;P, I love almost all the dishes that he ordered for us!!

Let me show you all the meats we tried:

1. Young Yang Galbi  RM62

it was a traditional "Secret Recipe" by Mr. Lee.
It taste heavenly, if you read my blog you know that I didn't eat beef.
I scare I can't accept the taste. Loll
But this definitely changed my mind about it.
it was so soft yet tender, I can felt it melting in my mouth!
I love this feeling. ❤

Yummy Ban chan~~

2. Gochujang Samgyoup Sal  RM25
Marinated Pork Belly in Red Hot Pepper Sauce
In Korean BBQ, my all time favorite is always pork!!
Mr. Lee told that in their tradition, that is a sauce is only for pork to dip with.
In the ban chan picture above, you can spot a hand trying to move the sauce.
That's the sauce to pair with pork!!
I don't know they have such tradition, because I always order pork and dip with whatever sauce I like.
But this sauce is definitely my favorite, some of the Korean restaurant that I visited before do not serve this sauce.
I was quite sad when I know that they didn't serve it, I will feel like the taste was not that good without the sauce. #sauceisimportant

3. Bulgogi  RM40 (S)  /  RM60 (L)
it was thin slices of beef or pork marinated in special sauce and cooked with various vegetables.
the another reason that I love korean food is it was healthy.
this is because every korean cuisine was served with various types of vegetables!!
all of those veggies are my favorite!! How could I resist it??

Besides these meats, we still order Marinated boneless chicken and  Marinated pork spare rib with traditional recipe.
Sry to say that I forgot to took it's picture, but it look the same with picture no. 2 x))

4. Dwae Ji Galbi  RM21
Marinated pork spare rib with traditional and owner's secret recipe.
this part of pork was without too much fats which suit my taste! (Y)

5. Dak Gal Bi  RM25
I don't have a good impression toward Korean BBQ's chicken.
for my experience, another Korean restaurant served harsh chicken.
I really hate it, I'm not sure what part of chicken they served but it taste like chicken breast.
But Jal-Dae-Ji served soft and smooth chicken meats.
I definitely love their chicken meat, it taste really awesome.
it had broke the bad impression in my mind. x))

Mr. Lee also teach us the correct way to taste the meat.

i) First step is when the meats was done, you eat the meat only without wrapping.
   He said this first bite can help you find out the actual taste of the meat.

ii) Second you can do whatever you like to the meats. haha 
    But he suggest us to not wrap too much in one veggie, as the picture shown.
    We only put one meat, garlic dip with soybean sauce and korean salad which specially served by Jal-     

iii) The Ban Chan (Side dishes)  is actually eat with the rice, just like Chinese cuisine. But the different was 
     the size of each dish and the temperature of it. 

After I tried all these ways and I found out I always ate Korean cuisine in a wrong way.
Thank god I met Mr. Lee who teach me to eat Korean cuisine in more delicious way!

Besides meats, we also ordered:

6. Kimchi Jiggae  RM18
 I like the mushroom and their glass noodles ❤

7. Haemul Pajeon  RM30
Fried pancake with layer of green onion and seafood.
this was really my favorite, I think I love every food that related with flour. Loll
the side of the pancake was a little bit crunchy and and inner part was soft.
such a great combination!!

8. Tteokbokki  RM30
rice pasta seasoned with sweet red chili pepper pasta sauce and various vegetables.
The  typical korea street food, it taste nice.
but I don't really like the chewy feeling.
I know a chewy taste is a must for Tteokbokki, that's why I don't really eat it. ;p
If you love chewy food, this is always the best choice! 

9. Bimbi Guksu  RM18
it is a new thing in the menu, so we decided to have a try on it.
It served cold and taste sour.
btw, it taste quite normal for me.

happy kid when that's a lot of yummy food!!!

Group Photo

thank you Mr. Lee for the awesome food review experience.
Definitely will visit this restaurant again ;p

Jal-Dae-Ji Korean BBQ Restaurant
B-41, One Ampang Business Avenue, 
Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2, Kuala Ampang, Malaysia

Contact: 016-671 4625

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