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Natta Cosme x Miss Hana waterproof gel liner

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Sorry for not updating recently.
Office job is actually not that relaxing, I was so busy to learn many new things but I love this kind of productive life. x)
it was so bored to stay at home and don't know what to do.

So today I'm gonna introduce you the Miss Hana waterproof gel liner which can get from Natta Cosme.

Happy kid me this time received 2 different colors!!
Thank you Natta Cosme!!

01 night black
03 choco brown

Although it was just 2 pencil liner, Natta Cosme still manage to wrapped it carefully and nicely to protect the products. This is what I love ❤

I did made a simple steps on how to create a natural look with these gel liner.
This is my first time to capture these steps, pls don't complain it look ugly ok?? xp

1. Firstly I was using 01 night black to fill in my upper lash line include the water line. My eyelid is an inner eyelid, fill in the upper water line able to make my eyes look bigger. Besides that, black liner able to clearly outline the shape of the eyes. 

2. Secondly, use 03 choco brown to fill in my lower lash line, with the color of brown it enable our make up to look more natural compare with black. If using the black liner to fill in the lower lash line, it will look more like heavy make up instead of natural look. Not only that, by using brown liner to fill in my lower lash line, it will make my eyes look more deeper in an natural way.

here is the comparison with and  without the fill of lower lash liner.

3. Done!! Does it look natural enough?

About Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Liner:

- Gelatinous texture which enable user easy to fill the liner and fill perfectly with various types of eyes

- waterproof, oil proof and color concentrated

- Extremely waterproof removable which enable your make up maintain whole day without smudge

- Easily remove by make up remover!

So what do you think with my new in favorite products?
I am using the brown liner everyday to work!!

 GOOD NEWS! Apply discount coupon: "MISSHANA" entitle to get RM5 offer when
purchase any colour of Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner, this coupon
expiry date will be on May 15th, 2014.

If you need an eyeliner that can last for whole day, what do you waiting for?
Get the Miss Hana waterproof gel liner from Natta Cosme now before the deal end!
you will not want to miss it ;DD

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