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It's been awhile for me to join makeup workshop.
New semester was start and my schedule was like shit =.=
Glad that I still able to join Mary Quant Make Up Workshop with the experienced makeup artist Mrs. Takaki which is a Japanese. 
I always think that Japanese have their unique technique about applying makeup.
Finally I have got the chance to learn it!

First, Let me introduce products that we used during the workshop and of course it is all from Mary Quant Malaysia.

1. MakeUp Base
Always apply makeup base before foundation to enhance the moisture level of our face and easier to apply makeup.
  • Oil Zap (Oil Control Makeup Base 20g) - This makeup base provide a dry, matte finish, as if you apply powder. It able to prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to excess sebum. Also, it renders skin with a fine texture by covering up annoying pores.
  • Moisture Zap (Moisture Infusion Makeup Base 30g) - Not only prevents dry skin with high moisturizing properties like a beauty serum, but also helps makeup last longer. It enable makeup look more smooth and natural after applying it.

2. Smoo Make (Powder Foundation 8 shades)
The highly moisturizing powder foundation which control the light and creates the ideal skin color, texture and 3D appearance. It gently covers visible pores and brighten the skin.

3. Loose Face Powder  (4 colors)
Apply loose powder as a beautiful makeup finish and prevents makeup from dulling or running.
Make your makeup more long lasting.

4. Eye Gloss (Moisturizing Eye Foundation 8.5g)
Always apply eye base before the shadow, it help you to bring out the pigmentation of the eye shadow and create a long lasting effect.
This foundation is for the delicate and dry-prone eye area. It covers dark circle and dullness and makes eye colors come our brightly.

5. Eye Opener (Powder Eye Shadow)
Create your own innocent, sexy or smart look with these colorful shadows.

6. Action Lashings (Lengthening Mascara) Anti color fading / Waterproof
Mascara is an essential step but it is always a step that always ignore by me. After many "forgotten", I found out mascara really make a big different!
This Mascara features short raised bristles on one side, and the oil gel formula that gives the mascara is elasticity. together create the sharp, spectacularly long lashes.

7. Brown Line (Eyebrow Pencil)
The most important step for my makeup, I can't live without drawing my brow. Loll
Eyebrow did make a really big different for my makeup, I feel like something is missing without drawing my eyebrow.

Photo with Mrs.Takaki 

Lastly, with my makeup of the day x)

Thank You Manoah for the invitation and I did learn new technique on how to apply vibrant color eye shadows with different ways!!

Will try to update more! 
Stay Tuned for my next post ❤❤

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