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Thanks to Manoah, I was invited to attend the grand launch of MAYBANK GO AHEAD CHALLENGE 2014. 
MGAC2014 is actually a business case competition offers the brightest young minds from Malaysia, ASEAN and across the globe the opportunity to exhibit their true potential which organized by the truly regional financial services provider, MAYBANK.
This year is the third season for this competition and it included a series of challenges that designed to stretch particpants' potential. 

Maybank Islamic Berhad CEO, Muzaffar Hisham, Maybank Group Chief Technology Officer, Geoff Stecyk, Group Chief, Human Capital Officer, Nora Abdul Manaf, Maybank Group Chief Risk Officer, Dr John Lee and Maybank Head of Group Talent Sourcing & Development, Chen Fong Tuan

This is actually the first student competition in the region, which tests participants in multiple disciplines. The MGAC2014 combines various of disciplines that reflect how we do business and bring the whole bank to customer. (highlighted by Nora)

Secondly, the investment Maybank is making to have the Finalists actually experience having to work as a team to deliver a task in a short period of time and not only to meet the targets, with total strangers, and from different nationalities at that - an actual situation they will find themselves in today's challenging work climate in successful organizations, and likewise in Maybank. This commitment by Maybank to put them in this situation is highly costly, but Maybank regards as important enough to put our money into.

Third, it is unique as the finalists also participate in a corporate responsibility initiative to enable them to experience firsthand our humanising mission that Maybank embraces wholeheartedly. More importantly, the experience gives our participants an appreciation of the challenges that the disadvantaged face and offers them an opportunity to make a meaningful difference which we hope will inspire and spur them to continue with their noble efforts as they progress in life.

Fourth, it offers our Finalists a fast pass to our marquee Graduate Entry level programme; our pride & joy, the Global Maybank Apprentice Programme or GMAP, a graduate development programme to accelerate the development of junior talents.”

Here comes a good news to tell all the participants!!
Nobody will goes home with empty hands!! Everyone stand a chance to grab the cash prizes back home!!

Now, become a challenger to find out #whatareyoumadeof


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