Dai Dai Dong (大大档) Street Food @Scott Garden (Review)

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Feeling so good to join the food review at Dai Dai Dong @Scott Garden.

Dai Dai Dong is a restaurant that served Authentic Chinese culinary from across Asia.
From signature noodles to rice, grills and soups, rest assure that every bit of ingredient is carefully pick for its quality and freshness hence concocted into their homemade recipes only to be presented at your table.

The interior of the Dai Dai Dong:

The design given a feel of "Dai Pai Dong", chinese hawker stall.
All the furniture was in deep wood color and it totally match the concept of the restaurant :)

Every customer got to serve by welcome soup of Dai Dai Dong that enable you to wind down before you started to browse through their menu.
Drink that I ordered is Herbal tea. 
Dai Dai Dong's didn't provide wide range of beverages and more focus on their food. :D

First I introduce you about the Side Dishes & BBQ Skewers ❤

Deep Sea Tiger Prawns (2 prawns / 200g) - RM 27
Their tiger prawns was simply fresh and palatable.
Prawns are always my first choice within various kind of seafood.
The taste just make you wanna eat more!

Grilled Whole Japanese Squid - RM 27
This is my first try on grilled squid, because I'm not so into squid.
I always think it look weird and not feeling to try it.
But this time, the whole squid was chopped into regular size and it totally enhance the taste of it.
I am really a 'size' person, I always feel that the size of the food will always affect it's taste.

Mentaiko Hotate (per pcs) - RM 8
My another kind of favorite, Scallop *v*
Half shelf scallop with cod roe.
The butter, sake sauce, sea salt and black pepper just perfectly match with the fresh scallop.

Pan Fried Lamb - RM 25
Lamb shoulder pan fried in a secret marinade ❤
I just love how they chopped the lamb into small pcs and dip with the special mint sauce!
The taste was such a bomb <3 p="">

Scallop (per skewer) - RM 13
It is served as a skewer instead of shelf, the grilled marinated scallop with yakitori sauce.

Bacon Asparagus (per skewer) - RM 6

Bacon Tomato - RM 6  /  Bacon Enoki RM 6

Beef Tenderloin - RM 6  /  Beef Tongue - RM 6
Recently I started to love beef!
I love how the juiciness of the beef flow out once I started to chewed it!
The sound and smell is really attractive!

Chicken Gizzard - RM 3  /  Chicken Skin infuse with garlic - RM 3

Chicken Heart - RM 3  /  Chicken Wings - RM 6

Shishamo (Pregnant Fish) - RM 4  /  Squid Tentacles - RM 6

Noodles time:

Supreme Beef Noodles - RM 26
A special broth of a selection of noodles,beef balls, brisket, muscle meat, tripe and tendon served with delicious beef tenderloin on a skewer.

Supreme Pork Pepper Soup Noodles - RM 26
The ultimate pork combination of pig's maw, rib, soft bone, pork balls, minced pork, Teochew pork ball lard and pork belly.

Taiwanese Meat Sauce Ramen - RM 16
A whole meal of mushroom, bamboo shoot, pork belly, minced pork, pork ball and fresh Bak Choy.

With the Bloggers~~

Dai Dai Dong 大大档
1-37, Scott Garden
Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Operation hours: 10.30am - 2.30am

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