IKU Japanese Fusion SuShi Soft Launch @Damansara Uptown

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Japanese Food is always the favorite for all generation.
Due to popularity of Japanese cuisine, many restaurant founders come out various kind of Japanese concept restaurant.
However, IKU Japanese Restaurant is one of the Japanese restaurant that differ from others.
The reason I said different is IKU is an upcoming Japanese cuisine in fusion style.
Other than that, IKU is more focus on "speedy food service" which mean a fast food concept.

This fast food concept able to let customers enjoy ‘fast’, ‘healthy’ and ‘convenient’ Japanese food unlike others Japanese restaurant.
Nowadays, the younger generation is always living is a fast paced lifestyle and to cater it IKU come out an idea of healthy fast food.
IKU means "to go" in Japanese.
Customers able to grab and go since all the food that served by IKU are packed in a special signature bento box.

Interior design of IKU is surrounded by wood color that bring out a cozy and warm feeling for the customers.

Let me introduce a series of BENTO that provided by IKU Fusion Sushi.
Due to the "fast food" concept, IKU served all the food in quality microwavable lunch box .
Not only that, IKU also have their own signature sauce for each bento.

IKU Salmon Teriyaki - RM 17.80

IKU Signature - RM 16.80

IKU Special Ebi Tempura - RM 18.80

Sashimi - RM 18.80

Japanese Curry Chicken - RM 12.80

All of the chicken that served by IKU are using chicken breast which is more healthier compare with other part of the chicken.
All of the bento come with Japanese Lasagna, Pickles and Salad as side dishes.
Price are much more affordable than usual Japanese restaurant.
Students and officers who having lunch break can consider to dine in IKU or take away if the time interval of your lunch break not allow you to dine in properly in a restaurant.
Isn't it convenient?

Besides rice, IKU Fusion Sushi also provide different types of noodles which are udon, ramen and soba for the customers.
They even come out a porridge, this is the first time I saw a Japanese restaurant serve porridge!!

Prawn Soup Ramen or Udon - RM 12.80

Salmon Porridge - RM 5.80

Cold Soba - RM 7.80

Seafood Soup Ramen or Udon - RM 12.80

Unagi Don - RM 26.80

Here comes the most attractive session 'the sushi'.
IKU Fusion Sushi served wide range of sushi with different types of sauce,
I never knew sushi can dip with so many different sauce before.

Chef Yama 
who has more than 20 years working experience was showing us the process of smoking salmon!
It look and amazing and also taste!!

There 9 different sushi provided by IKU in the menu,
I don't think we've tried all of it but below are all the signature sushi!

Fusion Mango Waikiki - RM 8.80
I know it is hard to imagine a mango pair with sushi rice, but please trust me.
It taste heavenly and surprisingly fresh compare with the usual sushi we have tried.

Fusion Salmon Belly Osaka - RM 12.80
 I really love how they pair the sauce with different sushi, it really bring the taste to another level.
Even I didn't eat raw meat also fall in love with this salmon. *slurp*

Fusion Salmon Belly New York 
One of my favorite!
Smoke salmon pair with the signature sauce.
Once I put it in my mouth, I can feel the salmon like melting in my mouth!
really love it!

 Fushion Salmon Belly Las Vegas
I had no idea what sauce is that but it bring me a special taste thou.
It contain a little bit of spicy like the taste of pepper.

Here comes the unique sauces! :O
I can't really remember their name but I know some of it was fruit flavor!

A completed meal cannot left out beverages!
All the beverages served by IKU Fusion Sushi are all Green Tea base.
Green Tea base drink that mix and match with different kind of fruits.
Fresh and Healthy. 

The IKU signature, we named it traffic light drinks since it's color was similar with traffic light. xP
1.  Ice Matcha Green Apple - RM 5.80
2. Ice Matcha Passion Pure - RM 5.80
3. Ice Matcha Lychee Rose - RM 5.80

The coffee flavor:
4.  Matcha Chocolate (hot/cold) - RM 6.80
5. Matcha Latte (hot/cold) - RM 6.80
6. Matcha White Coffee (hot/cold) - RM 6.80

btw, the green apple flavor is my favorite among all of it ;D

*yum* *yum*

Had a good days with all the bloggers.
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Will definitely visit IKU Fusion Sushi again not because of the affordable price but the unique menu is the main reason that attract me.
The environment that surrounded by wood color is really cozy and comfortable,
it can also be a good place to spend a relaxing afternoon at IKU Fusion Sushi.

IKU Japanese Fusion Sushi 
No.21, Jalan SS 21/60,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,


Operating Hours: 11am to 10.30pm daily 

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