Kiss Me Heavy Rotation [Shiny Jewel Eyeliner] (Review)

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Hello everybody~~
Today is another exciting post because I'm gonna review about Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner!
This time Kiss Me had come out a series of eyeliners that difference from others.
The shimmering powder contain in the eyeliner give a better enhancement for your makeup and let your eyes shine bright like a jewel!

About Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner:

1. Shades - It comes with 3 shades, which are [01 Shiny Black], [02 Shiny Brown] & [03 Shiny Pink White]

2. Water Resistant - It is an eyeliner which is highly resistant to tears, sweat, sebum rubbing

3. Ultra Thin Brush - When you apply around the edge of your eyes it become easier to apply. It also easy to control due to the ultra thin brush, no need to worry about the line will become too thick or over makeup. You can easily adjust it by yourself :)

4. Ingredients - 3 different kinds of shimmering powder give a "jewel-like" glittering finish and create a seductive look. Contains 3 type of beauty essences,Collagen (Soluble collagen), Sodium Hyaluronate, Chamomile extract.

As I mentioned above that is 3 shades for this eyeliner, I decided to try out [02 Shiny Brown] since I am more into natural look :D

Here is my whole look with Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner.
Totally in love with it!
Due to my round eyes, I will always draw a little wing out liner to give a high definition for my eyes and make it look bigger.
With the thin brush I can draw the wing easily and perfectly!

I'm also in love with the glitter inside the eyeliner.
It create a really bright look for my makeup and proof that light makeup also can bring out different styles too!

Lastly, it last really long and won't smudge over on my eyes.
This picture was taken after I back from my friend's birthday dinner, my eyeliner still there and my eyelid was clean :)

Impress by the Shiny Jewel effect?
You can find it at selected Watsons & SASA outlets, price at RM49.90 (3 ml)
Get yourself a special liner now! :P

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