Arthur's Bar & Grill @ Shangri La Hotel KL

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Never knew there was such a great restaurant until I found it.
Really need to give a big thanks to my friend who gift the lucky draw voucher for us.
It was so sad that they couldn't make it :(

In my thought, I always don't like to dine in at the restaurant that located in a hotel.
 This is because hotel's food seem to serve tourist and mostly are local food, like what I had at Lemon Garden Cafe.
Luckily I decided to give it a try :D
I was really satisfied with this dining experience.

Fresh Bread served with Tomato Salsa
I love the texture of it.
The surface of the bread is kinda hard but the internal part of the bread is fluffy enough.
It's a great serving to kick start our dinner ;p

Finally here come the main course.
Prime Rib RM 78++
I was attracted by the juiciness of it and I just can't wait to try it!
It is the popular dish of this restaurant, definitely a must try!
If you wondering what is that below the meat, it is yorkshire pudding.
The prime rib also served with grilled tomatoes, sauteed green beans and chunky cut chips!
It was so tender yet juicy and the slightly roasted meat just enhance the taste of it!
Thumbs Up *v*

Tutti Fruitti

KL Lemonade

Not really sure whether the name of beverage accurate anot.
But KL Lemonade is a new try, with a taste of ginger.
I love how it make my stomach warm ;p

A dessert a day, Keep bad thing away!
So sry I forgot the name of it.
But I think is chocolate brownie with something I can't really remember.
The brownie is so soft and the chocolate was melting in the cake!
The best brownie I had ever!

Happy kid always happy with dessert <3 p="">

He cannot stand the drink with ginger taste xDD
He came out a weird face when he taste it.

My thought of this restaurant is definitely 5 stars.
The prime rib is a must try and also not forget to mention their nice service!
Can't wait to visit for the second time!

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