Loreal White Perfect Total 10 (Review & Giveaway)

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While I'm facing those headache assignments, I'm still bringing good news to you guys!
Here is my first GIVEAWAY post!
I'm so nervous and excited because I never organize a giveaway before. x)

Before I tell you guys how to join the contest, let me show you my review about the product.
Understand it before you get! :D

Unlike usual day cream, Loreal this time had comes out a day cream with total 10 functions!
Not forget to mention, it also can work as your CC cream too!
Light texture that create a brighter skin and not sticky at all.

Here come the secret of 10 !
If you read my post before, you should know I was briefly explain about it.
After the event I used it straight on the next day, I found out it work well on my face!
That's no need for me to apply CC cream to get an even skin tone!

About Loreal White Perfect Total 10 :

The day cream is come in the pump style to get a better control on the amount.

The color is differ from others day cream, it is lilac blue!
This day cream contain white perfect pH 6.5 Foam, which is a gentle cleansing foam that suitable even for sensitive skin!
It also control the oil of your skin from inside to outside.

A small testing that did by me.

As you can clearly see that by applying the day cream, my skin become more glowy and moisturise.
The instant brightening result can see clearly from here.
The texture is soft and moisture, your skin will abstract it easily after you apply it on your skin.
Stickiness goes away!

Oily skin and dark skin tone get away from me!
I also no need to worry about how sunlight will hurt my skin because I got 5 full protections on my face!

Thank you Loreal Paris Malaysia for sponsoring me this giveaway to my readers ❤

Now I will be giving away 10 bottles of Loreal White Perfect Total 10 for my 5 lucky readers!
All you need to is to participate in this simple contest below! ❤

Comment below this picture on my facebook page by tagging one of your friend and list 5 things that you love about her and she need to reply the same things too!
Follow the tasks below and it will link you to my page :)

ps: please don't comment at my blog, click the task below and follow the instruction

Be quick to sign up at to get mystery gift and Loreal white perfect total 10 samples 

Get yourself and your BFF a full size of Loreal White Perfect Total 10 day cream moisturizer (50 ml)! ❤
Don't forget to read the Terms & Conditions by clicking it!
Happy reading. xoxo

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