A Splash of Green by Frank Salon

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Hello peeps~~~
Today I'm going to blog about my hair dying experience at Frank Salon.

It is located at Nexus @Bangsar South.
I never heard about this building before actually, the building is some sort of scott garden concept.
But the different is I didn't saw many beer place, maybe I didn't pass by.

Btw, let me show you some internal design of Frank Salon.

Their design and decoration just simply classy & elegant.
There is no need to put on dramatic lamp or others for it.
The warm and cozy  lighting makes me felt relaxing once I step into the salon :D

After that, the boss Mr. Frankie was giving me a hair color menu to choose.
Seriously, I had no idea what to do that time.
So, I just follow what Mr. Frankie suggested. 

I don't have the courage to bleach my whole hair seriously.
I can't imagine if I bleach my hair my money will save in my hair instead of bank. Loll
So, what Mr. Frankie suggest is to put some vibrant color in the inner part of my hair.
No need to scare hair will damage because just need to bleach small part of my hair.
I just listen his advised since I have nothing to do with my hair. hehe.

Not forget to mention the most important part after I dyed my hair, the hair treatment.
Frank Salon did a hair treatment for me after my dying process end.
I just love the fluffiness of my hair.

My hair was finally done after I spent half of my day at here. x)
Then, Mr. Frankie helps me to cut a little bit of my hair to give a natural shape for it.
He explained to me that this is slice cutting method.
Follow the direction of my hair to give a natural shape without hurting it. :D

Lastly, below are the outcome of my greenish inner dye :D


Thanks to Frank Salon who create such a smooth and beautiful hair for me xD
I just love how the green hide inside my black hair.
I can hide or show it whenever I want!

How do you feel about my new hair?

  • Unit 1-7, Level 1,
  • Nexus, Bangsar south, 
  • 7 Jalan Kerinchi,
  • 59200 Kuala Lumpur, 
  • Malaysia.

Phone No: 
03-224 2310 9
Operation Hours:
10:30am - 8:00pm
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