Ginvera Marvel White Official Lanch w/ Mr.Shiso & Ms.Green Tea

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Hello peeps, finally I got a little bit of time to update my blog.
Just done my coding assignments and glad that my database assignments was going quite smooth compare to when we first started.
But the dateline is so close TT
I'm still stress.

Btw, today's post is about the Ginvera Marvel White official launch at Full House @ Giant Cheras Batu 9.
The whole event concept was so unique.
I was like attending a wedding instead of product launch :D

During the event, I understand the concept of it.
This is because Mr.Shiso & Ms.GreenTea was married!

Therefore, Ginvera Marvel White was born to give us a fair and flawless skin ❤
The Ginvera Marvel Gel  is the only one and trusted marvel gel in the market.
You can use it daily unlike other ordinary facial scrub. 
It also include a natural & unique Japanese ingredient - Shiso.
Have you understand why the wedding happened during the event ady?
This is because Green Tea & Japanese Shiso is the main ingredient of Ginvera Marvel White!

First hand on this product!
It was so moisturize and differ with others scrub I tried before.
You can see clearly that my dead skin was slowly rinse out by the gel.
Can't wait to review this set of products!

Besides that, there is an interesting activity for us to play with.
They prepare darts for us to pop the black balloons, which mean "blackhead go away".
I love how they relate all the concept about the product *v*

Each participant able to get one bottle of Ginvera Shower Scrub ❤

It was an interesting event with different kinds of activities x)
That's all for my event post and remember to stay tuned for my review about Ginvera Marvel White series!
Gonna hit the sack now xoxo

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