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Finally a lifestyle post T___T
This will be my last post on August because September is my exam month T___T
Next week I'm gonna start my revision.
God Bless Me.
Wanna spend my only free time before my exam start.
Actually August also my assignments month, but I submitted during middle of the month.
Then I just keep hanging out with my girl friends. x)
I was so sick with the life between uni and home.....
Then I found out food is the best way to relax stress.

San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Restaurant

Their Bibimbap wasn't served hot, I'm more in love with Wow Korean restaurant's Bibimbap ❤

Located in Ikon Connaught, there are many nice place to chill and dine in.
This is the one, I tried before at publika outlet.
It still tasty and the waiters was friendly.
The price range was higher than normal Korean restaurant that I visited.
But still worth to try.


Another nice place to chill out with friends. They serve delicious hot chocolate and mocha.
I'm not coffee lover so my favorite is always hot chocolate or coffee that sweeter than others.

The Latte Place

Breakie place in Ikon Connaught. We are like try almost every restaurant in it. Loll
They are more like brunch and breakfast place.
big breakfast and egg benedict is just so yum!
Their menu does not contain many choices, but the food just catch my taste bud!

Vanise and me, best partner to eat. Loll xD

Mad about coco @Publika

As a chocolate lover, this is a must try place for me.
But I'm just kinda disappointed for their hot chocolate.
It was not thick and rich enough, I just like drinking something sweet.
But the brownie, pancake and chocolate banana pizza is so yummy!
The sweetness is just fine.
The pizza is crunchy with the combination of chocolate.*yummy*

Mikey's Original New York Pizza @Bangsar

The serve huge size of pizza slices and the whole pizza.
You can order either slices pizza with different flavor or the whole with only one flavor.
Sorry that I forget the name of the pizza. Loll
But I remember the Classic New York Pizza taste good.
The cheese and topping is great and the crust is between thin & thick.
But it is better to use hand eat ;p
It was so hard to use fork and knife to cut, so if you wanna share, share with you bff or bf xDDD

End with foods and here come my own thought.
Throughout this assignments month I found out something that I never realize before.
Any kind of relationship is not that easy to maintain.
It started to split when someone trying to break it.
When there was no trust between each others, then we are just consider as stranger but not friend.
I appreciate every awesome  people I met, But just depends on how they treat me :)

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