[Review] First Visit Premier Clinic @Taman Tun Dr Ismail

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Hello peeps~~~~
Feel like dying now because I was keep studying like book worm. 
My exam will kick start on Monday, don't know how to imagine my mood. *study mood fly*
Btw, I am here to share with you guys about Premier Clinic.
I was so excited when I know that I have an opportunity to review their wide variety of non-surgical aesthetic treatments.
Besides that, Premier Clinic not only provide non-surgical aesthetic treatments but also advance laser treatment as well.
I always wish to solve the acne problems of my skin with an effective and safety way and finally I found Premier Clinic.

The goal of Premier Clinic is to help their clients achieve the kind of beauty desire by them.
From the view of 'Aesthetic', Premier Clinic view it as an art and science.
This is the reason why they keep abreast with the latest in aesthetic technology.
By equipping with the cutting edge procedures, technology and expert doctors with specialized knowledge, Premier Clinic tend to provide top notch aesthetic services to their clients from both local and regional markets.

If you are new to aesthetic procedures, don't worry about it! Premier Clinic will ensure you feel comfortable and start with consultation with their Specialized Doctor. After the consultation hour, doctor will recommend the most suitable treatment options for you to to reach your aesthetic goal.
Good results, safety and comfort are the utmost concern of Premier Clinic.

The customer service is really good and polite.
When I first reach the clinic they bring me to a waiting room while waiting for the doctor to see me.

Water is provided of course ;P

Understand some knowledge about aesthetic treatments before you start your journey~~~~

You can see their service counter once you step in the clinic.
Coffee machine is provided to solve your thirst!

Some certificates and awards~~~

Premier Clinic provide several specialized doctor to solve your problems!

The corridor~~~~ As you can see, the number of room is enough to serve different clients :D

Below are the list of services provided by Premier Clinic :

Fat / Weight Loss

Active Acne & Acne Scar
Pigmentation / Age Spot
Pores & Texture
Age / Brown Spot 
Wrinkles / Fine Lines
Facial Sculpting / Contouring
Redness / Sunburn
Body Contouring
Saggy Skin
Under Eye/ Eye Bags
Dull Skin 
Permanent Hair Removal
Stretch Marks
Keloid Removal
Broken Capillaries
Excessive Sweating
Spider Vein/ Fine Veins Removal
Skin Lightening
Milia / Oil Seeds / Mole / Wart Removal 
Tattoo Removal
Hair Loss / Balding
Nail Fungal Infection
Vaginal Rejuvenation

My awful face before I have my consultation hour with Dr. Kee.
Wondering what treatment I had chosen?

Stay tuned for my next review post!
Gonna hit the sack and wake up early on tmr to studyyyyyy.


Premier Clinic

Address :
No.31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 WP Kuala Lumpur.

Contact No :
 +603 – 7732 5552 / +6012 -6625 552 (mobile) 


Clinic hour : 
Tuesday - Saturday, 10am – 7pm
Sunday / Monday / Public Holiday - Closed

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